Microchip Master Conference Tutorials

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Microchip Master Conference Tutorials

Microchip Master Conference Tutorials
English | ISO | 2004-2009 | 1.86Gb
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aster conference 2004 :
NOTE: Some presentations contain sensitive material and were therefore not included
801 BEG PIC?Microcontroller Starter Course
802 MPL Getting Started with MPLAB?IDE
803 MEC Hands-on Mechatronics
804 P18 Learning to Program in Assembler on the PIC18
805 ARC dsPIC30F 16-bit MCU Architecture
806 P30 Getting started Programming on the dsPIC30F
807 P51 Come to the light: Learning the basics of PICmicro microcontroller from an 8051 perspective
808 TLS Tools in Preview - What's coming down the pike from Development Tools
809 LAB MPLAB 301
810 PIN Microcontroller Peripheral Initialization using the Visual Device Initializer (MPLAB?VDI)
811 INF User Interface Considerations for Embedded Systems
812 ENG Software Engineering for PICmicro MCUs
813 C18 MPLAB?C18 C Compiler Hands-on Training
814 HTC Hi-Tech C compiler for PICmicro MCUs
815 C30 MPLAB?C30 - A Discussion on Compiler Features
816 MUV Visual Development with Muvium Java Virtual Machine for the PICmicro MCU
817 APD Rapid Application Development with Object Oriented Programmable Integrated Circuits
818 NEW The Latest PICmicro?Products: 12 months ahead
819 NNW What's new with the PIC18 Architecture including nanoWatt Technology Features and the Extended Instruction Set
820 8PN What have they done to my favorite 8/14/18 pin PIC Microcontrollers
821 PWR Hands-on for Low Power Features of the nanoWatt Family Devices using PIC18F4620 and C18 Compiler
822 PER Introducing Microchip's New Battery Optimized PIC12F635/PIC16F636/16F639 Devices
823 AUR Project: Aurora-X
824 DHO Advanced Hands-On Programming with the dsPIC30F
825 WHT What is all this DSP stuff anyhow
826 DPS Advanced Signal Processing with the dsPIC30F
827 EEP Intermediate Hands-on Programming for SPI EEPROMs using the PIC18F452 and Microchip Tools
828 TIP Tips & Tricks on designing with Microchip's new 8/14-pin devices
829 DSD Intro to Digital Sound Processing on the dsPIC?Digital Signal Controller
830 PGA The MCP6S2X Programmable Gain Amplifier
831 TMP Temperature Measurement Circuits for Embedded Applications
832 MTS Designing Multi-Tasking Firmware without an RTOS
833 OVS A/D basics and Oversampling Techniques
834 PID PID Implementation on PIC18
835 KLS Smart Sensing and Keyless Entry Systems using PIC16F639
836 DAQ A Cool Data Acquisition Application (or how to interface the PIC16F68x to the real world)
837 OPT Optimizing Embedded Analog Circuits
838 RAD Radio Link Design
839 LCD LCD and Touch-screen Control with the PIC18F8490
840 DSM Using a 22-bit Delta Sigma A/D Converter
841 NSE Power, Ground, and Noise
842 CND Signal Conditioning In The Embedded World
843 OSC Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator Selection
844 EMC Designing PIC?Microcontroller Circuits for EFT/ESD Compatibility
845 SNS Sensor and Sensorless Control of a BLDC motor using a dsPIC DSC
846 PSU PIC?MCU In Your Power Supply 101
847 SPS Marrying Micros to Switchers, with Hardware and Firmware
848 PMG Intelligent Switch Mode Battery Charging Solutions Using the PIC?MCU
849 BAT Battery Management in Portable Applications
850 PSX Microchip Battery Management Hardware and Development Tools
851 CHG Optimizing Available Capacity with Microchip Battery Managers and Chargers
852 ZGB Introduction to Zigbee?br />853 CAN An Introduction to CANopen
854 BUS CAN Do, Will Do 1: CAN Bus basics
855 BHO CAN Do, Will Do 2: Hands-on CAN class
856 ECN ECAN Hands-On
857 TCP Connectivity Solutions for the dsPIC30F
858 USB Introduction to Full-Speed USB
859 RSC Communicate with PIC MCUs via the PC serial port
860 STP Stepping Motor Fundamentals and Control
861 BSH Low Cost DC Brushed Motor Control
862 TRK Tips and Tricks of Driving a Motor
863 MTR Motor control Hands-on using PIC18Fxx31 Microcontrollers
864 ACI AC Induction Motor Control with the dsPIC30F
865 FAB Plant Tour

Master conference 2005 :

NOTE: Some presentations contain sensitive material and were therefore not included on this CD
901 PIC New PIC?Microcontroller Development Starter Course
902 DEV Tools Review and Preview - Everything You Need to Get Started with Development Tools
903 NEW The Latest PICmicro?Products: 12 months ahead
904 ANA Introduction to the latest Analog and Interface Products and Tools
905 BAT Battery Management Update
906 PER Technical Review of the New Peripherals and Features on Microchip's Low Pin Count Microcontrollers
907 IDE What's New in the MPLAB?IDE
908 SIM Using the MPLAB?Simulator and Stimulus
909 ICD MPLAB?ICD 2 for Advanced Users
910 VDI Microcontroller Peripheral Initialization using the Visual Device Initializer (MPLAB?VDI)
911 C18 MPLAB?C18 - Using C in an Embedded World
912 C30 MPLAB?C30 - A Discussion on Compiler Features
913 HTC Hi-Tech C Compiler for PICmicro?MCUs
914 PRG Device Programming from A to Z
915 TAT Tips & Tricks for Designing with Microchip's New 6/8/14-pin Devices
916 EXT Using the PIC18F External Memory Bus
917 BTL Building a Modular Bootloader
918 MIG On the Move: Migrating PIC18 to High Performance Cost-Effective 16-bit MCU and High Performance Cost-Effective 16-bit MCU to dsPIC30
919 NPA Introduction to Microchip's 16-bit Microcontroller Family
920 NPB Get Your Hands on 16 Bits
921 ARC Introuduction to dsPIC30F 16-bit Digital Signal Controller Architecture
922 GSP Getting Started Programming the dsPIC30F Digital Signal Controller
923 ARF Introduction to the Next Generation 16-bit Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Architecture
924 ATP Advanced Topics in dsPIC30F Programming
925 DSG High Resolution Delta-Sigma ADCs
926 EFA Designing PIC?Microcontroller Circuits for EFT/ESD Compatibility
927 EFB Designing PIC?Microcontroller Circuits for EFT/ESD Compatibility - II
928 PGN Power, Ground, and Noise
929 SCE Signal Conditioning in the Embedded World
930 OSC Building Confidence in Your Oscillator Design
931 RES Ceramic Resonators and Practical Application
932 ISE Introduction to Software Engineering
933 MSE Intermediate Software Engineering
934 ASE Advanced Software Engineering (Multitasking)
935 RTO Working with Microchip RTOS
936 OBJ Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with MPASM?Assembler and MPLINK?Linker
937 OOP Rapid Application Development with Object-Oriented Programmable Integrated Circuits
938 VGP Visij Graphical Programming with the Muvium Java Virtual Machine for the PIC?Microcontroller
939 PPC Communicate with PIC?Microcontrollers via the PC Serial Port
940 TCP TCP/IP Hands-on
941 ZIG ZigBee?Protocol Hands-on
942 USB Full Speed USB Hands-on-Training
943 GPU Using the Microchip General Purpose USB Windows?driver (Windows Application Programming)
944 I2C Using the I2C?to Implement a Termperature Datalogger
945 MOD Using the V.22bis Soft-Modem Library with the dsPIC30F
946 WSS Developing a Multi-Node Wireless Scoring System
947 RLD Radio Link Design
948 WLC 802.11 for Embedded Systems
949 CAN CAN Basics Hands On
950 AIC Automotive Industry Standard CAN Software
951 TRA Smart Sensing and Bidirectional Communication Transponder Design using PIC16F639
952 DCM Low-cost DC Brushed Motor Control
953 MCL Motor Control Hands-on Using PIC18FXX31 Microcontrollers
954 AMC Advanced Motor Control Using PIC18FXX31 Microcontrollers
956 EME Improving Energy Efficiency in Electrical Motor Drives
957 BLD BLDC Motor Control Hands-on Using dsPIC30F2010
958 ACM AC Induction Motor Control with the dsPIC30F
959 KEL Property Identification using PIC10F2XX Microcontrollers with KEEEELOQ?Software
960 IPD Intelligent Power Supply Design
961 IPL Intelligent Power Supply Lab
962 LLS Low Cost Inductor, Capacitor, and Microcontroller Based LED Lighting Solutions
963 D2D Which DC to DC Power Converter is Right for Your Application
964 DCE Desiging DC - DC Converters for Embedded Systems Using the PIC?Microcontroller
and the MCP1630 High-Speed PWM
965 BCH Battery Charging in Portabl, Handheld Applications
966 TEM High Accuracy Temperature Sensors for the Embedded System
967 DCI Finding Your Way: Digital Compass Implementation
968 HES Using the Hall Effect Sensor to Improve Your Putting
969 PMA Overview of Popular Metering Applications and Techniques
970 MET Utility Metering with PIC Microcontrollers and the MCP3905 Energy Metering IC
971 OPT The Eyes of the Microcontroller - Interfacing Optoelectronic Sensors to the PIC?Microcontroller
972 DAQ Cool Data Acquisition Applications (or How to Interface the PIC16F68X to the Real World)
973 PDC PIC10F Distributed Control
974 TSI Touch-Screen Implementation
975 LCD LCD Hands-on for Embedded Engineers
976 MEC Hands-on Mechatronics
977 SPE Adding Speech to Low-Cost Microcontrollers
978 SPC Speech Compression and Decompression with the dsPIC30F
979 ECH Noise Suppression and Accoustic Echo Cancellation with the dsPIC30F
980 ASP Advanced Signal Processing with the dsPIC30F Digital Signal Controller

Master conference 2007 :
NOTE: Some presentations contain sensitive material and were therefore not included on this USB drive.
11001 Getting Started with Microchip Tools: MPLAB?IDE, MPSIM?Simulator and MPLAB ICD
11002 Getting Started with Mid-Range Microcontroller Family Architecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
11003 Getting Started with PIC18 Architecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
11004 Getting Started with 16-bit MCU Architecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
11006 New Features of the PIC24F Low Pin Count Family
11007 Features of Microchip's next generation of low pin count 8/16-bit microcontrollers.
11009 PIC18 Peripheral Configuration and MPLAB?C18 C Compiler Programming Techniques
11010 Standard 16-bit Peripheral Configuration and MPLAB?C30 C Compiler Techniques
11011 PIC24 Extended Peripheral Configuration, Libraries and Programming using MPLAB?C30
11012 Advanced 16-bit Peripheral Configuration and C Programming Techniques
11013 MPLAB?IDE and Development Tools: Today and Tomorrow
11014 MPLAB?Simulator Fundamentals
11015 MPLAB?Simulators Advanced Stimulus
11016 Debugging Techniques using Stimulus within the MPLAB?Simulators
11017 MPLAB?C18 - An Introduction to Compiler Features
11018 Introduction to the Visual Device Initializer (MPLAB?VDI)
11019 MPLAB?In-Circuit Debuggers for Advanced Users
11020 Software Methods (Pre-Conference)
11021 Software Methods 1-Organization & Basic Loop
11022 Software Methods 2 - State Machines and Timing
11023 Software Methods 3 - Multitasking
11024 Introduction to Embedded Programming using C
11025 Using Application Libraries with Microchip's 16-bit Microcontrollers
11026 Advanced Features in MPLAB?C30 v3.0
11027 Rapid Application Development with Object Oriented Programmable Integrated Circuits
11028 A Comprehension of CCS C Compiler Advanced Techniques
11029 Using the CCS C Compiler for Rapid Development of Microcontroller Applications
11030 Using the HI-TECH PRO C compiler and introducing HI-TIDE?and C-Wiz
11031 FreeRTOS on Microchip's 16-bit Microcontrollers
11032 Hacking the GNU Linker!
11033 Embedded Design for Microchip in a Linux Environment
11034 Modular Coding Techniques using MPLINK?Linker
11035 Using a High-Speed, High-Density SPI EEPROM to Implement a Real-World Datalogging Application
11036 Using an I?C?EEPROM to Implement a Temperature Datalogger
11037 Communicate with PIC16 and PIC18 MCUs via the PC serial port
11038 I?C?Development using the PICkit?Serial Analyzer
11039 Controller Area Network (CAN) Basics
11040 CAN (Controller Area Network) in-depth using ECAN?br />11041 Controlling an automotive window lift using LIN 2.0 /SAE J2602
11042 Hands-On LIN bus
11043 USB From Scratch
11044 Introduction to Full-Speed USB
11045 Full-Speed USB Hands-on Training
11046 Using the Microchip General Purpose USB Windows Driver (Windows Application Programming)
11047 Introduction to VB.Net
11048 USB Made Easy with VB.Net
11049 USB - Mass Storage Device
11050 Hands-on with the Microchip TCP/IP Stack
11051 Introduction to ZigBee?and Microchip's ZigBee Stack
11052 Microchip Wireless Protocol (MiWi?Protocol)
11053 Wireless Antenna Design and Testing for Microchip Technology's MRF24J40
11054 Microchip's IrDA?Stack for 16-bit PIC?Microcontrollers
11055 Tips and tricks in designing RF Communications Link with FSK Transceivers
11056 Op Amp Fundamentals
11057 Active Filter Design
11058 Introduction to Ceramic Based Sensors: Ultrasonic, Pryo-infrared, and PTC Thermistors
11059 Ceramic Resonators and Practical Application
11060 Signal Conditioning in the Embedded World
11061 Power, Ground and Noise
11062 Mixed signal design for the analog newbie.
11063 Energy Metering Solutions from Microchip
11064 Designing for Noise in Embedded Systems
11065 Hands-on with Digital Potentiometers
11066 Using Tuning Fork Crystals with Microcontrollers
11067 How to Work with a Test Lab to Achieve Certification
11068 Virtual System Prototyping for 16-bit devices using MPLAB?IDE and Proteus VSM
11069 DSO Debug Techniques for Embedded Systems
11070 Selecting and Using Oscilloscope Probes for System Analysis
11071 LCD Hands-On for Embedded Engineers
11072 Data EEPROM Emulation for PIC18, PIC24 and dsPIC33F Flash Devices
11073 Developing "Cool" Graphical User Interface with a PIC?MCU
11074 Application Specific Tips 憂 Tricks for the dsPIC?Digital Signal Controllers (DSC)
11075 Delta-Sigma ADC for Sensor Applications
11076 The Magic Touch Capacitive Touch Sensors
11077 Battery Authentication Using PIC10F222 Microcontrollers
11078 Battery Power For Portable Applications
11079 Stepping into Stepper Motors
11080 Intelligently Controlling Brushed DC Motors
11081 Intelligent Motor Control: A Fan Application
11082 PID Closed Loop Control on a PIC16F MCU
11083 AC Induction Motor Control with dsPIC?Digital Signal Controller (DSC)
11084 Sensorless FOC for PMSM with dsPIC?Digital Signal Controller (DSC)
11085 dsPIC?Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) Motor Control Workshop
11086 Introduction to SMPS Topologies, Design and Analog/Digital Control
11087 Advanced SMPS Analog and Digital Control Theory
11088 Intelligent Power Supply Design
11089 SMPS Basics Using the dsPIC?SMPS Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs)
11091 Advanced SMPS Applications with AC/DC Reference Design using the dsPIC?DSC SMPS Family
11092 Digital Power Factor Correction (PFC) Using the dsPIC30F6010A
11093 The Eyes of the Microcontroller - Interfacing Optoelectronic Sensors to the PIC?Microcontroller
11094 Color Feedback and Control in Solid State Illumination Systems
11095 G.711 and G.726A Speech Compression with the PIC24H and dsPIC33F
11096 DSP - Part 1: Introduction to Signal Processing using the dsPIC?Digital Signal Controllers (DSC).
11097 DSP - Part 2: Using the DSP features of the dsPIC?Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs).
11098 DSP - Part 3: Using software design tools to design a DSP application on the
dsPIC?Digital Signal Controller (DSC)
11099 Implementing an I?C?Thermal Controller on a PIC?Microcontroller
11100 Temperature Sensing for Embedded Systems

Master conference 2008 :

NOTE: Some presentations contain sensitive material and were therefore not included on this CD
5202 NEW The Latest PIC?Microcontroller Products: 12 Months Ahead
5205 P18 Getting Started with PIC18 Architecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
5206 GSS Getting Started with 16-bit Devices - Standard 16-bit Peripheral Configuration and MPLAB?C30 C Compiler Programming Techniques
5209 AST Application Specific Tips 'n Tricks for dsPIC?Digital Signal Controllers (DSC)
5210 P32 Getting Started with PIC32
5217 ICE Overview of the MPLAB?REAL ICE?In-Circuit Emulator
5226 FM1 Introduction to Firmware Design with PIC16 and Introducing the Enhanced PIC16 Architecture
5239 MSD Mixed Signal Design Using PIC?Microcontrollers
5242 ADC Using the MCP390X 16-bit Delta-Sigma ADCs with 16-bit MCUs in Periodic Signal Applications
5253 IMC Overview of Intelligent Motor Control Solutions
5255 TPM 3-Phase Brushless Motor Control With Low-Cost PIC16 Microcontrollers
5259 DP1 Using the DSP Features of the dsPIC?Digital Signal Controller And Software Design Tools to Design a DSP Application
5266 HBL Tips 'n Tricks for HB (High Brightness) LED Drivers and Controls
5269 GFX2 Introduction to Microchip Graphics Library and Capacitive Touch Sense Solution
5270 TCP1 Overview of Ethernet and TCP/IP Connectivity Solutions
5277 USB3 USB Embedded Host and On-The-Go (OTG)
5283 MWI Microchip Wireless Protocol (MiWi?Protocol) & Microchip's ZigBee?Stack
5287 APO Microchip in the Vehicle, a Survey of Automotive Protocols: CAN, LIN, Keyword 2000, FlexRAY, and J1850

Master conference 2009:

1303 ECA Introducing the Enhanced PIC16 Architecture

The highly successful PIC16 architecture is receiving an overhaul. Attendees of this class will learn what has been changed, why the changes were made, and how these changes affect your designs. Additionally, there will be demonstrations and examples of the new architecture enhancements. Come and learn what the new core can do for your applications

1305 AD1 Hands-on Application Development with 8-bit Microcontrollers I

Using an 8-bit microcontroller, a PICDEM?2 Plus demo board and programming in C, we will build a clock design from component software pieces (RTCC, interrupts, etc.). Development will start with separate components and then we'll combine them to create a functional system. Proper coding techniques for embedded projects will be reviewed.



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