CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 (Update 3) Special Edition

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CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 (Update 3) Special Edition
CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 (Update 3) Special Edition | 1.21 GB / 1.37 GB
Corel Corporation has announced the new package for creating and editing technical graphics
CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7. This product was previously called Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite. Download CorelDRAW Technical Suite and get a new high-precision editing tools, integrated into Corel DESIGNER , and the newest version of software for working with graphics CorelDRAW. Designed specifically for professional users who create drawings, technical illustrations and similar documents of engineering graphics, the new package CorelDRAW Technical Suite offers improved performance, increased processing speed and new graphics technology XVL to work with three-dimensional (3D) models, including import, adjust, edit, and output the results to mobile devices or for publishing on the Internet.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite includes key tools and intuitive visualization tools necessary professional technical illustrators and designers to create projects, consisting of various drawings, diagrams and technical graphics, for maximum visual and spectacular views products and services of their companies to potential partners and customers. CorelDRAW Technical Suite enables the designer to use as a starting material CAD projects thanks to a new software XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition, which is used to import and edit three-dimensional models. CorelDRAW Technical Suite is compatible with most image file formats among similar software packages that guarantee its users simple and trouble-free work together and share results with colleagues, customers and partners.

Key features CorelDRAW Technical Suite :

New possibilities for creating three-dimensional models: special software XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition allows you to import, adapt and edit 3D models and export high quality vector illustration and visualization in Corel DESIGNER or Corel PHOTO-PAINT for the subsequent creation of graphic files. Integrated utility XVL Player inserts a 3D files directly into the illustration, as well as to preview the form model or sections in high definition.

New specialized editing tools: solutions to specific problems of technical illustrators CorelDRAW Technical Suite has received new and improved tools, including tools for creating projections, dynamic callouts, sections, and additional high-precision guides.

Improved performance: thanks to native support for 64-bit software environments, and multicore/multithreaded computing platforms download speeds of projects has increased significantly, and work with large files or several large projects simultaneously held without delay.

Fully featured graphical editor: the package CorelDRAW Technical Suite includes full-featured professional graphics package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite , which will be developed on the basis of technical illustrations create a variety of graphic projects marketing materials, presentations, booklets, etc. Support for industry standards, publication of technical documents through the widest among similar solutions compatibility with different file formats, standards support engineering for publishing documents on the Internet, including WebCGM and S1000D, as well as the possibilities of export 3D projects to mobile devices CorelDRAW Technical Suite allows you to prepare projects and created illustrations for printing, web publishing, integration into online help systems, and interactive electronic technical manuals.

Key features:

Modes of drawing in projections. Dynamic drawing on the projection plane enables you to create illustrations in an isometric or other parallel projected for instructions on Assembly and operation. Existing planar objects can be projected onto the desired plane is not required to manually calculate the rotation angle and tilt.

Modern tools for working with dimensions. Modern tools to work with to eliminate the need of drawing and project dimension objects in multiple steps. The tools provide the ability to display the exact values of dimensions, including radial and diametrical dimensions, construction and other plans. In addition, with the options of your projection size projection drawings can be quickly documented with precise and dynamic lines of the text.
Publish to 3D PDF. Publish to 3D PDF the interactive feature of viewing 3D content in combination with other visual and text elements. Export data from Corel DESIGNER® 3D PDF to create the document, which will include all the necessary for cross-media publication of information and graphics. 3D PDF files can be viewed using free PDF readers that are installed on virtually every desktop computer or laptop.

Tools import and visualization of 3D models. Add context to your technical projects by using three-dimensional projections and models as illustrations. Built-in Lattice3D Studio enables you to create high-quality visualization based on three-dimensional projections that have been imported from DWG, 3DS, VRML and XVL. In addition, the module serves for the introduction of 3D models as editable 3D elements, as well as to preview the models in high resolution.

Insert 3D models in technical illustrations. You can use one of two methods for inserting 3D models in Corel DESIGNER document: insert a 3D model as an external link or embed 3D model (XVL) file in the Corel DESIGNER document. When implementing a three-dimensional file, the modification of 3D models can be made directly in the file Corel DESIGNER (.DES). In the future other users with access to the file format .DES will be able to work with the embedded 3D file.

Support system translation memories (TMS). This new option allows you to export the text from a graphic file in Corel DESIGNER industry-standard format .XLIFF and translate content through the system of translation memory (Translation Memory System). The result can be imported into an existing document to create a new file for a specific language. The illustrations are instantly available in different languages, meet modern standards of technical documentation in the context of globalization of the market.

Automation pack illustrations from 3D CAD. Go beyond standard support 3D files and use the automated upgrade process illustrations based on sources from 3D CAD, which offers additional plug-in Lattice3D Studio CAD. Access to previously created 3D projects as source files allowing you to optimize the process of creating technical illustrations. After the updates, you can use the automatic recognition and update (Auto Detection and Update) for inclusion in your project changes, which the design unit introduced in the original 3D file. Read more

The reuse of 3D CAD. A plug-in Lattice3D Studio CAD also offers support for XML files from the Assembly and details of professional 3D CAD software such as CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, Inventor, PTC Creo, etc. in addition, you can publish animated 3D visualizations in 3D PDF and Lattice3D for instant data sharing and publishing online and on mobile devices. Read more

Easy access to design tools. Integrated tool for searching content Corel CONNECT™ provides convenient access to content and lets you instantly find the desired image in a local network, on Internet portals and web sites. For maximum efficiency, you can group content by type or project in trays that are shared by applications Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW®, Corel PHOTO-PAINT® and Corel CONNECT. Use the content from the Content center, as well as syncing trays with WeiRuan-->WeiRuan OneDrive.

Redesigned, fully customizable interface. Use mode on multiple monitors: for example, one screen can be used to work with 3D files and images, and the second to place documentation and additional tools. Extended list of workspaces offers: Lite - for beginners, Technical - for professionals working with isometric illustrations, Diagramming - for professionals who develop diagrams and flowcharts, as well as Adobe - for users who are upgrading to Corel DESIGNER with other applications.

Precise illustration tools. Raise your technical illustration to a new level of detail with tools projecting shapes including the tools Thread, Well, Cylinder, and Prism. Quickly and easily create external and internal threads in the projection space to develop images of bolts, nuts, etc.
Precision tools create drawings and layouts. New options outline position determine the line width, which is taken into account when calculating the size of the object that allows absolute precision to draw the desired shape. New understood intuitively guides ensure accurate placement of all elements of drawing.

The tool for drawing parallel lines. To accelerate the design of various technical diagrams, connection diagrams, to architectural plans, take advantage of the new mode of drawing parallel lines, which is designed to simultaneously create several parallel curves, while preserving distances between objects. The toolbar (Parallel Drawing toolbar) allows you to specify the number of curves and accurately positioning them on the drawing.
Optimized the process of creating callouts. Keep records of important design details and key information with tools for creating dynamic leaders. Sticky callouts remain linked to the original objects, despite the movement of objects or their modification. The text balloon, you can also link to the metadata of the source object. Callouts based on object metadata are dynamic, helping to quickly and consistently make changes to the project.
Means of creating "hot spots". A tool for creating callouts in Corel DESIGNER lets you add interactive features to the leader in technical publications. Object data Manager (Object Data Manager) allows you to list the metadata fields (e.g., WebCGM) for use in the callouts. The elements of these objects can be edited, allowing the output in the format WebCGM manually edit the callout as "hot spots".

Full control over fills and transparency. Powerful module fill provides full control when working with fountain, raster, vector, and line fills. In addition, a new dialog box "Fill" offers access to the Content center and libraries fills in Corel DESIGNER.

Control drawing scale. The zoom tools allow you to create illustrations and diagrams in accurate scale, and at any time to view the active drawing scale, switch to a different preset and set a custom scale. In addition, Corel DESIGNER X7 maintains the drawing scale when importing a vector illustration from 3D models, thus providing the location of the imported types in the exact scale.

Object styles. Create a uniform style for your projects with object styles, color styles and color harmonies. Window Styles configuration Object contains all the necessary tools to create styles and manage, including tools such as Outline, Fill, Hatches, Dimension, Callouts, Halos, Character, Text Frame and Color Styles. Selected styles can be combined in a style set (Style Sets) for quick and consistent formatting multiple objects.
Managing object styles and symbols.

Provide a consistent style and layout for all elements of the project, including symbols external links. Improved object styles in Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW X7 X7 allow you to control such attributes of objects as an outline, the line style, line width, fill type, color, and text style. Create symbol libraries for later use in a variety of projects. Previously created style definitions can be reused and applied to individual components of the user symbols.

The equation editor. New integrated equation editor (Equation Editor) allows you to work with math equations as editable elements of technical illustrations. Mathematical and scientific formulas can be inserted into the drawing, and then, if necessary, modified. Equations from previously created documents can be opened CorelDRAW and imported for use in the equations of Corel DESIGNER.

QR-code generator. X7 Corel DESIGNER allows you to add scaleable QR codes in drawings, printed documentation and production signs. Due to this, the technicians always have access to the technical documentation online.

Simple editing harmony of colors. With improved window settings "Color styles" has become even easier to view, sort and edit color styles and color harmonies. You can now specify the brightness value and to maintain the original values of saturation and hue in the color adjustment process. With the new rules of harmony can bind all the colors of harmony to a system based on the rule. This allows you to modify colors, while maintaining harmony as a whole.

Easily preview fonts and advanced settings characters. Here you can find the perfect font for any project. A new configuration window "Application font" offers a preview feature different fonts and allows you to experiment with them. In addition, the revised settings window "Insert symbol" automatically displays all the characters, symbols and glyphs associated with a selected font, which greatly simplifies the tasks of searching and inserting in the document of these elements.

Support for industry standards, publication of technical documents. Thanks to the support of modern standards of publication of data, such as WebCGM (with S1000D profile support), and also support of PDF, including PDF/A (ISO standard) and 3D PDF, this package allows you to create interactive electronic technical manuals and illustrated parts catalogs.

Compatibility with the latest file formats. It offers more than 100 modern of the formats you can export/import vector graphics, bitmap images, documents etc Extended support of file formats, including SVG .CGM .DWG .DXF, .PDF, TIFF and Adobe CS/CC (AI, PSD), provides a convenient data exchange.

Membership CorelDRAW Technical Suite. Free standard membership CorelDRAW Technical Suite keeps you abreast of the latest news product. It offers built-in Content exchange, which provides instant access to content, and also allows you to store data and share fills, images, templates, etc. the Owners expanded membership can enjoy additional benefits, such as high quality online content and early access to new features.

CorelDRAW X7. Streamline your workflow with the new CorelDRAW X7. This powerful app offers a fully customizable interface, excellent tools for creating graphic design and vector graphics, and prototyping tools.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7. Discover easy to use universal tools Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 to work with photos. This professional photo editor contains advanced tools for retouching, cropping and image enhancement used in the creation of visual technical documentation.

Professional web design effortlessly. Application Corel® Website Creator™†, which is part of the package that makes creating web sites easy and convenient. Dozens of new templates and styles SiteStyles, enhanced support for CSS3 and new HTML5 capabilities, you can quickly design, create and maintain attractive interactive websites, without programming skills.

Support for 64-bit processors, and compatibility with ShiChuang 8/8.1. Native support for 64-bit platforms ShiChuang 7 and ShiChuang 8/8.1 and improved support for multi-core processors can significantly reduce the waiting time when processing large files and images. In addition, it improves system performance while running multiple applications.

Advanced automation capabilities. Create macros and add-ins integrated with WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). With improved automation interface, the programmers have the opportunity to create utilities and macros that interact with the drawing page. New classes and methods allow you to create powerful utilities and macros to enhance the performance of the CorelDRAW Technical Suite.

The package CorelDRAW Technical Suite :

Corel DESIGNER - application for technical illustration, allowing you to create accurate vector images and layouts.
CorelDRAW - Software for graphic design, allows you to create impressive materials for visual communication.
Corel PHOTO-PAINT - handy tool for professional image editing.
Corel PowerTRACE is the app for high-quality conversion of raster images into vector.
Corel CAPTURE is a tool for creating snapshots of the screen.
Corel CONNECT - full-screen browser to search digital content on your computer, network, external storage devices and online sources.
XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition - 3D visualization authoring software.
XVL Player - 3D viewing attachments and components.
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) and WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - powerful automation tools.
PhotoZoom Pro 2 - photo enlarger plug-in for Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

The extension of functionality using XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition. Users of CorelDRAW Technical Suite have the opportunity to significantly increase the functionality of the package by setting XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition that provides native support for a wide range of 3D CAD formats, including CATIA, SolidWorks, PTC Creo, NX, Inventor, JT and others. It also includes tools for assessing the Assembly animation and additional tools 3D CAD, which must guarantee the efficiency and accuracy of preparation of technical documentation for production.

Main features XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition

Built-in support for three-dimensional CAD files. Additional support of three-dimensional CAD files in various formats, including CATIA, Inventor, PTC Creo, SolidWorks, NX, SolidEdge, etc. Supports formats IGES, STEP, JT, and other common file formats for data exchange between three-dimensional CAD software allows you to easily share content.
Three-dimensional animation. Create animated videos with disassembly tools for 3D animation, and design circuit assemblies, subassemblies and structure parts for detailed illustration manuals for Assembly and operation.
The measurement tools. Effective documentation of the parameters and verify the integrity of three-dimensional models using the tools of analyzing the Assembly, sizing, diagnosis of defects and potential problems.
Conclusion 3D. Conclusion materials in a variety of file formats three-dimensional CAD system, including 3DS, DXF, IGES, OBJ, STL and VRML. Three-dimensional models in U3D format can be embedded in 3D PDF document.

Changes in version 3 Update:

Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition (included with CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7)
Accelerated display time of illustration view.
Enhancements of high-quality rendering include the Cast Shadow and Spotlight for Billboard display.
New selection mode Additional Selection to speed up selection of multiple components.
Notes The Align command has been added.
You can delete leader lines without deleting the note values.
When you use the Send to Corel DESIGNER command in Lattice3D Studio, the Corel DESIGNER application window now appears at maximized size.
When exporting an illustration at a specified size (Send to Corel DESIGNER), you can now specify the width and height.
3D Preview of .xv2 file in ShiChuang Explorer is available for .xv2 files saved to version 11 or later. Note that by default, Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition .xv2 is set to version 10.
Preview thumbnails of snapshots are now available in Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition (basic level).
Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition
The following enhancements are only available in Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition:
Better quality of outline illustration in output.
Setting illustration scale no longer changes the illustration view.
Add The Snapshot option in the Detailed Settings area of the Send to Corel DESIGNER dialog box can be disabled.
Transparency is now maintained when exporting snapshots as images (Structure Panel > Snapshots > Operations > Export Image).
The Emulation View Mode now includes Architectural CAD option.
Support for 6-Plane Clipping.
Create New Manufacture Tree allows for Manually creating manufacture assemblies by simply selecting parts.
Enhancements in the Auto Detection and Update panel:
You can specify the properties to compare between models.
You can filter the Changed parts by the type of changes.
More information is included in the log file.
Colors, transparency, and activation state of snapshots are supported.
New Select command Shells (Tools > Modify the Shape and Assembly > Select Shells).
Improved performance of .ifc (BIM) files after importing to CAD Lattice3D Studio.
Embedded 3D models in Corel DESIGNER X7 Lattice3D Studio support new functionality including:
Display of markup colors in the hidden line mode and the illustration display mode
Display of 6-plane clipping
Billboard display

Features Special Edition:

Version created on the basis of the English version. From the distribution nothing is deleted.
Interface language: English + Russian. "Russian plus" means that initially the program is installed with English interface, but with the help of Russian localization appears, and with it the choice between languages. For crack thanks Evgeny972 (Russian localization) and KpoJIuK (installer localization). It should be noted that some of the Corel DESIGNER (in particular, the reference) and XVL Studio are in English, after the Russification
Installing the program occurs without unpack the distribution in one of the folders local drive "C". There is the option of return of this feature in the tab "Settings" installer
Update to version integrated.
Registration required. The drug is attached.







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