Xamarin Android iOS Tutorials Pack

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Xamarin Android iOS Tutorials Pack
Xamarin Android iOS Tutorials Pack
Size: 76.3 GB Type: eLearning

An Overview of Xamarin Test Cloud (720p)
Building Cross-Platform Native Apps with Xamarin 4 (720p)
C# Async on iOS and Android (720p)
Cross platform Mobile Development (720p)
Custom Renderers in Xamarin.Forms (720p)
CustomRenderer Circle Images in Xamarin.Forms (720p)
Delighting Your Users With CoreAnimation (720p)
Finding Native Object Memory Leaks in Xamarin apps with Instruments (720p)
Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin (1080p)
Go Mobile with Xamarin and Azure (1080p)
Introducing VervetaCRM - a Xamarin.Forms demo app (720p)
Introduction to Collection Views in iOS 6 Seminar (720p)
Mobile Testing Made Easy with Xamarin Test Recorder (720p)
Navigating iOS 9 and Android M for the Enterprise (1080p)
Optimizing CPU Performance in Xamarin apps with Instruments (720p)
Overview of MonoGame (720p)
PassKit for iOS 6 (720p)
Webinar Recording_ Diving Into Xamarin Insights (1080p)
Webinar_ User Satisfaction Is Measured In Swipes and Seconds (1080p)
What's New in Android Webinar (720p)
What's New in iOS 9 Webinar (1080p)
Xamarin 4 Webinar Recording (1080p)
Xamarin App Spotlight_ Augmented Reality Windmills with MonoGame by VentusAR (720p)
Xamarin App Spotlight_ Graphium Health (1080p)
Xamarin App Spotlight_ MusicNotes.com (1080p)
Xamarin App Spotlight_ OBD Fusion Auto Diagnostics (720p)
Xamarin App Spotlight_ Sqor Sports (1080p)
Xamarin App Video Spotlight_ Curse Inc. (1080p)
Xamarin Bitrise Setup (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ 10 Must-Use Components for Your Mobile Apps (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ A Developer's Guide to Enterprise App Deployment_ BYOD, MDM and YOU (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Advanced Android Fragments (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Advanced iOS Build Mechanics (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Advanced Memory Management on iOS and Android (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Android Tips & Tricks (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Architecting Cross-Platform Apps with MvvmCross (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Beating Android Fragmentation (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Binding Java Libraries (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Binding Objective-C Libraries (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Building Great App Experiences with Scalable Cloud Services (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Building Hybrid Apps with Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Building Mobile Cross-platform Geospatial Apps (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Building the First Core Banking App with Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Buttons are a Hack (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Crafting Interactions with Core Animation (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Create a Uniform Login Experience Using Federated Identity (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Cross-Platform Barcode Scanning with ZXing (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Cross-Platform UI Controls (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Designing Experiences for the iPad (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Fast UI Creation with MonoTouch.Dialog (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Getting the Most from Visual Studio (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Getting the Most from Xamarin Studio (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ GitHub Halp App_ Minimizing Platform-Specific Code with MVVM (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ How C# Saved My Marriage, Enchanced My Career, and Made Me an Inch Taller (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Intro to Calabash (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Keeping Your Users Happy with Testable Apps (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Kimberly-Clark - Challenging the Customer Engagement Status-Quo with an iPad (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Lightning Talk #1 (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Lightning Talk #2 (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Mapping on iOS and Android (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Maximizing Code-Sharing with Xamarin.Mobile (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Mobile's Impact on Realtime Decision-Making and Data Visualization (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Multiplatformism_ Lessons Learned Bringing Bastion to Six New Platforms (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Protecting Data on Device with SQLCipher (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Push Notifications with PushSharp (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Sharing Up to 80% Code for iOS, Android & ShiChuang_ A Retail App Case Study (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ The Future of Work and IT (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ The Xactimate Insurance App_ Bringing 10,000,000 Lines of Code to Mobile (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Using Async in Your Mobile Apps (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ What's New in Xamarin.Android (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ What's New in Xamarin.iOS (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2013_ Writing Native Mac Apps in C# with Xamarin.Mac (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014 (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ A Behind the Scenes Insights into Building Technology for the Hearing Impaired (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ A Canon in C# - Jon Skeet, Google (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Amazon Developer Ecosystem - Dave Isbitski, Amazon (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Android UIs for the Changing Device Landscape - Michael Stonis, Eight Bot, Inc. (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Applying C# Async in Mobile - Joe Mayo, Mayo Software, LLC (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Architecting & Extending Systems for Enterprise Apps - Steve Yi, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Awaiting for Rx_ A Play in Four Acts - Paul Betts, Github (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Backgrounding and Multitasking in iOS - Ren? Ruppert, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Become a Xamarin Studio Expert - Michael Hutchinson, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Best Practices for your Enterprise Mobile Apps - Greg Truty, IBM (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Build your Apps on the Shoulders of Giants - Jonathan Dick, Redth (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Building a Modern DevOps Solution - Brian A. Randell, MCW Technologies LLC (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Building an Enterprise Component Library - Steve Hall, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Building Apps That Work Everywhere with Couchbase - Carter & Gramana, Couchbase (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Building X-Plat Apps with Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms and MVVM Light - Bugnion (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Connecting Xamarin Apps with IBM Worklight - Greg Truty, IBM (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Cross-Platform Business Apps with Azure Mobile Services - Paul Batum, WeiRuan-->WeiRuan (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Amazon Web Services - Tara E. Walker, Amazon (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Cross-Platform Syncing with Dropbox - Steve Marx, Dropbox (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Designing Wearable User Experiences - Michael Sciscenti, APX Labs (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Diving into the Xamarin Designer for iOS - Alex Corrado, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Dynamic Layouts in iOS 8 - Adrian Stevens, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Effective Navigation in Xamarin.Android - James Montemagno, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Evolving From Web to Mobile App with Xamarin - Jesse Liberty, Falafel (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Extending Xamarin.Forms with Custom Controls - Jason Smith, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Find Bugs Before Your Users Do with Xamarin Test Cloud and C# - Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Finish the Mac App You Didn't Know You Started - Mike James, Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Games that Run Everywhere, Even the Top of the App Store - Clancey & Ellis (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Getting FIT with Xamarin (or How I Lost Weight with C#) - Ben Bishop, Rendr (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Getting Started with iOS 8 - Nishanth Anil, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Google Glass & Android Wear in C# - Chris Hardy, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Google Play Services with Xamarin - Peter Friese, Google (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Hello CocosSharp - Mike Bluestein, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Hey, You Got your Objective-C in my C#! - Brent Schooley, Twilio (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ iBeacons & Location Awareness - James Montemagno & Mike Bluestein, Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ If you can Ship your App in China... - Jonathan Peppers, Hitcents (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Intro to Scene Kit - Mike Bluestein, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ iOS Memory Management - Rodrigo Kumpera, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Lessons Learned from our First Enterprise Mobile App - Daniel Pardhe, Cognizant (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Let Awesome = Apps _ Seq.map F# - Larry O'Brien, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Let's Talk Tech_ Xamarin Profiler - Nina Vyedin & Stephen Shaw, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Material Android Design Pt 1 - J?r?mie Laval & James Montemagno, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Material Android Design Pt II - J?r?mie Laval & James Montemagno, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Mega Trends in Enterprise Mobility - Michael Facemire, Forrester (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Mobile App Development in F# - Rachael Reese, Firefly Logic (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Mobile Security Best Practices - Panel (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Programming Augmented Reality - Frank A. Krueger, Krueger Systems, Inc. (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Smooth Scrolling and Bitmap Management in Android - Brett Duncavage, Rdio (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Target All the Platforms with this 1 Awesome Trick - Daniel Plaisted, WeiRuan-->WeiRuan (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ The Future of C# - Mads Torgersen, WeiRuan-->WeiRuan (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ The Salesforce 1 Platform - Grant Davies, Bluetube (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ The Testing Process - Karl Krukow, Xamarin & Niels Frydenholm, eBay (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Think Like a Hacker! - Darren Cathey, Arxan Technologies (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Unleash your Inner Evangelist - Terry Gault, The Henderson Group (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Use Hypermedia for less App Store Hassle - Darrel Miller, Runscope (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Using Animations to Bring your Mobile Apps to Life - J?r?mie Laval, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Using Continuous Integration with Xamarin Apps - Greg Shackles, Olo (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ UX Patterns for Cross-Platform Mobile - David Ortinau, Shutterfly (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ What is New in Xamarin's Mac and iOS Stacks - Miguel de Icaza, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ What's New in Xamarin.Android - Pryor, Kumpera, & Laval, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Wordament_ Cross-Platform Apps - Mathey-Owens & Thornton, WeiRuan-->WeiRuan (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Writing Mobile Apps the Github Way - Paul Betts, Github (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Xamarin for VS vNext - Daniel Cazzulino & Victor Garcia Aprea, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Xamarin Sketches - Aaron Bockover, Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Xamarin Test Cloud and Games - James Clancey, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Xamarin.Forms is Even Cooler Than You Think - Charles Petzold, Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ XAML for Xamarin.Forms - Charles Petzold, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Evolve 2014_ Your First Xamarin.Forms App - Craig Dunn, Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin iRate Component Demo for iOS_ Get More Ratings for your Apps (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud Demo #1 (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud Demo #2 (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud Demo #3 (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud Demo #4 (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud_ Calabash Environment Configuration (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud_ Uploading Your First Calabash Test (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud_ Viewing Your Calabash Test Results (720p)
Xamarin Test Cloud_ Writing Your First Calabash Test (720p)
Xamarin University_ Custom Renderers in Xamarin.Forms (480p)
Xamarin Webinar_ Data Visualization in Mobile Apps with ShinobiControls and Xamarin (720p)
Xamarin Webinar_ Developing and Designing Native Mobile Apps in Xamarin Studio (1080p)
Xamarin Webinar_ Developing with Google Glass and Xamarin (1080p)
Xamarin Webinar_ Xamarin and SAP Mobile Platform for Mobile Enterprise Success (1080p)
Xamarin.Forms and Accessing Native Features Through the Dependency Service (720p)
Xamarin.Forms Sample Gallery (720p)
Xamarin_ Creating Your First Xamarin Test Cloud UITest (720p)
Your First Apple Watch Kit App with Xamarin (1080p)

Xamarin Android iOS Tutorials Pack



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