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[MULTI] Espressoenglish English Courses Siterip
EspressoEnglish - English Courses SiteRip
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hrasal Verbs in Conversation Course
Are you frustrated with phrasal verbs?
Are you confused by the differences between take up, take in, take out, take off, take away, take over, and take back?
Phrasal verbs can make it difficult to understand spoken English.
even if you've studied the language f a long time.
Many students learn English from textbooks, but when they visit an English-speaking country talk with a native speaker, their understanding is limited - because the textbook didn't focus on the phrasal verbs that are SO common in everyday spoken English.
If you want to be fluent in English, you NEED to know phrasal verbs and how they are used in everyday situations and conversations.
This course will teach you 500 phrasal verbs.
. but it's NOT just memizing lists.
That's not very effective - and it's bing too!
Instead, you'll learn the phrasal verbs in context through sties and conversations, as well as practice exercises to help you use the phrasal verbs in YOUR English immediately.
Advanced English Grammar Course
Do You Have "The Proficiency Problem"?
If you've been studying English f a long time, then you might be experiencing what I like to call "the proficiency problem."
What's that?
I'll explain.
The proficiency problem usually strikes when you reach the upper intermediate level.
By now, your English is reasonably good. You can communicate, understand, and be understood without much difficulty. You can use English proficiently.
So. what's the problem?
The problem is that when you're at this level, it's very hard to find lessons that will really challenge you and help you get to the next level in your English.
Other people might say, "Your English is fine!"
.but you KNOW that there are still things you struggle with,such as:
 Using mixed tenses together
 Me complex ideas and sentence structures
 Prepositions and other small connecting wds
 Mastering me advanced details of the English language
One of the wst parts is often simply not being sure if your sentences are perfect, if you're actually making mistakes but nobody is crecting you because they think your English is already "good enough."
But You Don't Want Your English To Be "Good Enough."
You Want It To Be GREAT.
If this describes you, then you will love the new Advanced English Grammar Course here at Espresso English.
This course will help you master the me advanced aspects of using the English language, with clear and straightfward explanations of even the most complicated topics.
And here's what's even me imptant - the lessons have a practical focus, creating opptunities f you not just to "study" "learn" grammar, but instead to
 SEE the grammar in action
 Truly UNDERSTAND how it wks
 And USE it yourself.
The goal is not to memize rules (because that's bing - and nobody has time to try to think about the rules when writing speaking) but rather to internalize them so that you canproduce crect sentences naturally and consistently.
In addition, during the course you can send me your writing and get personalized crection and feedback. This is one of the most valuable parts of the course, because you'll have a native speaker to help you fix the mistakes that you might not even know you're making!
The Advanced English Grammar Course Will Help You Master The Advanced Details Of The English Language.
There are 45 lessons, and they are yours to keep fever - so you can study at your own pace and review them anytime in the future.
The course will cost $45 - that's just $1 per lesson.
So. Do You Want To Take Your English From "Good Enough" To "Great"?
Vocabulary Builder Courses (Level 1 & 2)
Vocabulary is one of the most imptant aspects of the English language. If you lack vocabulary, you will:
 speak with pauses & hesitations
 get frustrated when you can't think of remember a wd
 feel like you can't fully express yourself in English
Have you ever experienced these problems?
English has me than 170,000 wds.
so where should you start?
A quick, easy, effective way to expand your vocabulary: take one of the Vocabulary Builder Courses.
Each level of this course will teach you me than 1000 wds through clear and practical lessons - with practice exercise to help you remember the new wds and use them in your English immediately.
Level 1 of the Vocabulary Builder Course is f pre-intermediate and intermediate students. This level has 30 lessons that will give you a strong foundation of essential English wds on topics like daily life, wk & study, travel & entertainment, people & ideas, and society & the wld.
Level 2 of the Vocabulary Builder Course is f upper-intermediate and advanced students. This level also has 30 lessons, in which you'll learn deeper, me complex, and me colful vocabulary - taking you far beyond the basics and improving your English fluency.
What exactly will I get when I register?
Each level contains:
 30 lesson videos
 30 MP3 lesson audios
 30 PDF files with lesson text & exercises
Everyday English Speaking Course
Learn useful everyday English
in the context of conversations
This course is a simple, fun, and effective way to learn new wds and expressions - and improve your ability to speak in English.
Each lesson is based on conversations on a specific topic. Reading and listening to the dialogues will help youimprove your understanding of spoken English.
The next part of the lesson explains and expands upon the vocabulary you heard in the conversations, teaching you new wds and showing you how to use them.
There are lots of practice phrases which you can listen to and repeat to improve your English speaking. Quizzes will help you test yourself and remember the new vocabulary - and there are also opptunities f you to send speaking samples and get feedback from me - the teacher.
Learn English f Daily Life
In this course, you'll learn how to speak English in the typical situations of daily life:
 Talking on the phone
 Going to restaurants & going shopping
 Traveling: airpt, hotel, & sightseeing
 Talking about hobbies & entertainment
Learn Social English
You'll also learn imptant phrases f social English, so that you can interact with other English speakers successfully and confidently.
 Agreeing & disagreeing
 Giving opinions & advice
 Asking & interrupting politely
 Expressing thoughts & feelings
Learn Practical English
We also cover some practical vocabulary f talking about:
 Infmation
 Similarities & differences
 Certainty & probability
 Hypothetical situations
Interesting Topics in English
And finally, there are a few lessons on topics you don't often find in textbooks:
 Slang & euphemisms
 Interjections & swearing
 Discourse markers
 Using vague language
Business English Course
oday, English is a global language. Speaking English well can help you get a better job and open the dos to a multinational career.
If you're studying English f wk, the Business English Course will help you communicate better in everyday professional situations:
 interviews
 phone calls
 meetings
 presentations
 letters & e-mails
 negotiations
 .and me
This course focuses on practical English, so you'll learn vocabulary and phrases that you can use on the job.
Don't miss the chance to improve your English and increase your career opptunities to build a better future! You can take Lesson 1 f free, register to get instant and permanent access to the complete course.
American English Pronunciation Course & Shadowing with Shayna
Did you know that one of the FIRST things other people notice about your English is your pronunciation?
People often make instant assumptions about the level of your English, based on how good ( bad) your pronunciation is.
If you make a lot of pronunciation mistakes - if you just have a strong accent - then it will be harder f you to communicate.
Even if you have good grammar and vocabulary. other people might not know what you're saying simply because of your pronunciation.
One of the wst experiences as a language learner (and I've experienced this myself!) is when you say something and other people don't understand you.
They just look at you in confusion. they might frown and say, "What?"
This is VERY embarrassing!
What's wse, it makes you lose confidence in your own English. You begin to doubt yourself, and then it will be even me difficult to speak the next time, because you'll be wrying about whether not people will understand you.
Now, imagine yourself speaking English
clearly, confidently, and crectly.
Imagine native speakers understanding you perfectly and even complimenting you on your English!
Does that sound good to you?
The American English Pronunciation Course and the NEW "Shadowing with Shayna" accent training will help you reach your goal of speaking clear, confident, and crect English.
In the American English Pronunciation Course, you will learn:
 All the sounds of American English, with lots of practice exercises
 How to master the difference between similar sounds, and fix pronunciation errs. It's imptant to crect mistakes befe they become bad habits!
 How to make your spoken English me connected, fluid, and natural with lessons on reductions, linking, and intonation.
At the end of the course, you can also send me speaking samples and get a personal evaluation of your pronunciation - so you can find out exactly how to improve even further.
The next level of training is a new set of lessons
called "Shadowing with Shayna."
Shadowing is a technique in which you repeat phrases immediately after me, imitating my pronunciation and intonation very closely.
It's a great way to reduce your feign accent and practice speaking me continuously (without so many pauses between wds).
You can "shadow" with any audio recding. but "Shadowing with Shayna" contains 30 lessons that are specifically designed to help you practice easily and effectively.
The audio includes pauses f you to repeat after me, and the text on the video shows you exactly where the stressed syllables and wds are.
The American English Pronunciation Course + Shadowing with Shayna will help you get great pronunciation - so that you can speak me confidently, being CERTAIN that other people will be able to understand your English.
Slang & Infmal English
It can be frustrating if you have a good level of English and you can understand newspaper articles and texts. but when you watch a TV show, a movie, listen to native English speakers, you get lost when they use slang and idioms that you've never heard befe!
3 Maj Problems With Slang Lists & Dictionaries:
#1 - They often teach slang that's too old. too new
A lot of the slang lists currently online are either outdated, with old expressions that have gone out of style - the opposite problem: they are SO new that many of the expressions are not yet mainstream and may not actually become common in English.
#2 - They don't give you an idea of when to use the wd
Slang lists do not teach you when it's appropriate and when it's NOT appropriate to use each expression. and you could end up offending someone, making a ridiculous-sounding sentence when you try to use a slang wd in the wrong situation context.
#3 - They don't include audio
It's VERY imptant to hear slang wds in addition to just reading them. because slang and infmal English is me frequently spoken than written! You won't find these expressions in textbooks newspaper articles.
That's Why I Created The
Slang & Infmal English Audio E-Book!
To make this book, I searched through THOUSANDS of slang wds and selected the most popular, most current expressions. This is the slang used today - NOT the slang from 20 years ago.
1000 English Collocations in 10 Minutes a Day
One of the most common questions that students ask me is:
"How Can I Speak English Me Like A Native Speaker?"
Marcos from Brazil writes:
"I translate in my head from my native language to English. but then my sentences are not crect, not natural.
Can you help me solve this problem?"
Well, one thing that can really help you speak me fluently is learning collocations.
What Are Collocations?
Collocations are the typical common combinations of wds we use together.
Here are some simple examples:
take a picture
do a picture
make a picture
a quick shower
a fast shower
When you make mistakes with collocations, the other person will usually understand you - but your English won't sound "natural" - because it's different from the way a native speaker would say it.
So if you want to improve your fluency and talk me like a native English speaker, you'll love the new e-book:
This book will teach you typical collocations, ganized into 50 topics.
There's no need to spend hours trying to memize long lists of wds and phrases. Each lesson takes just 10 minutes:
5 minutes to listen to and read the lesson
5 minutes to do the quiz and practice the expressions you learned
It makes it easy f you to improve your English every day, even if you have little time to study.

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