[MULTI] Bradley Benner - IFTTT SEO Academy [2015]

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[MULTI] Bradley Benner - IFTTT SEO Academy [2015]
Bradley Benner - IFTTT SEO Academy [2015]
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Rank YouTube videos with a simple but revolutionary course!
Trying to rank YouTube videos consistently isn't nearly as easy as they make it seem, is it?
I bet this sounds familiar... You've:
Tried every new method that finds its way to your inbox.
Attempted to use sophisticated link building tools.
Spent hours hunting down "high quality" link sources.
... and they didn't wk, took too much time, and left you frustrated.
But There Is Good News!
Hey there, my name is Bradley Benner and yes, I know exactly how you're feeling...
These days, I've managed to achieve quite a bit of success...
I'm able to rank YouTube videos quickly, consistently, and with confidence...
I post my videos to dozens of high quality and high authity web 2.0 and social media sites on AUTOPILOT...
And I'm very lucky in that I can provide this as a service to clients, charge a hefty price f setting this up, and pay an outsourcer to do all of the wk!
But I'll be honest...
Things Definitely Didn't Start Out This Way...
Befe I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, there were a lot of roadblocks. So many times I wondered how anyone was able to make real money without having to wk 14-16 hours a day...
When I first started out I still had a J.O.B. and I didn't have the the time to do everything that's required to achieve YouTube ranking success...
Things like niche/keywd research, locating potential link sources, AND creating all the videos...
I didn't know how to automate most of the SEO wk so that I could continue building my empire...
And I was afraid I would never be able to scale my business to generate the kind of income I desired...
Video SEO was much me difficult than the "Gurus" said it was and took up WAY too much of my time...
I almost started thinking I would never be able to build a video SEO business that would be manageable.
You know exactly what I'm talking about, am I right?
Does any of this sound familiar?
You've tried every new method that finds its way to your inbox which just resulted in a lot of money spent with no results to show f it.
You've spent hours hunting down "high quality" link sources which led to lost time that could have been better spent making me videos.
You've attempted to use sophisticated link building tools which just ended up in a po link profile that actually hurt your rankings.
But I Wouldn't Give Up!!!
I kept testing methods until one day I discovered something that CHANGED EVERYTHING.
You can only run into so many walls befe you get so frustrated that the only option left seems to be quitting.
I was just about at that point when I developed a simple method that produced outstanding results, quickly AND consistently.
As soon as I discovered this, everything got easier.
With this new level of success, I knew I couldn't keep it to myself.
Since then, I've run into many others who encountered the same, never-ending battles I went through.
And it seemed pretty unfair to keep it quiet... especially since it's been such a huge stepping stone in my success.
So I'd like to let you in on the "secret."
The comprehensive training course that will help you
to rank YouTube videos with AWESOME results
in as little as 7 days.
So what exactly is this going to do f you?
Can my simple method really turn everything around f you?
Yes. Yes it can.
Here's How the IFTTT SEO Academy Training Will Benefit You:
Automates Off-Page Video SEO - This is good f you because you'll be able to spend your time finding new opptunities to dominate new markets rank me lead gen videos instead of spending your time trying to build links to your existing videos.
Eliminates Expensive and Complicated Software - This is imptant because you'll avoid the learning curve and costs associated with using SEO software tools. One of the most popular link building tools today, GSA Search Engine Ranker, can cost hundreds of dollars per month to operate: Cost of Software, VPS, Captcha Solving, Proxies, Content, Spinners, etc.
Teaches How to Use Only the Best Sites f Video Syndication - This is big because Google and YouTube love these sites, so much so that several of them are Google Social Data Hub partners (and I can prove it).
Can Be Completely Outsourced - This a good thing because it provides you with a scalable process that can be used to grow an SEO business quickly and with little of your own efft and I even have a solution f training outsourcers. (Details inside).
Can Even Be Used f Websites and Blogs - This is great because you can use the same methods to SEO your websites, blogs, and even client sites.
Automate Off-Page Video SEO- $97.00
Eliminate Expensive and Complicated Software- $147.00
How to Use Only the Best Sites f Video Syndication- $47.00
Guide Showing How to Completely Outsource- $97.00
How to Use F Websites and Blogs- $97.00
And You're also Getting:
RSS Syndication Training - $49.00
Livestream Sites Training - $49.00
Advanced RSS Training - $49.00
4- Interlinking\
6-LiveStream Academy\
7-Advanced Rss Academy\
Part 1.mp4
Part 2.mp4
Section 1-Proxy Setup & Tools\
Section 2-CCleaner\
Section 3-Verifying Proxies\
Section 4-FAQ About Proxies\
2-Addon Bar and Proxy Tool f Firefox.mp4
Addon Bar and Proxy Tool f Firefox NOTES.txt
FoxyProxy Video Notes.txt
Using CCleaner NOTES.txt
Using CCleaner.mp4
Verifying Proxies NOTES.txt
Verifying Proxies.mp4
Do I need To Keep Logging Into Accounts With The Same Proxies NOTES.txt
Do I need To Keep Logging Into Accounts With The Same Proxies.mp4
Section 1-Google Account\
Section 2-Blogger\
Section 3-Wdpress\
Section 4-Tumblr\
Section 5-Twitter\
Section 6-Bookmarks\
Section 7-Instapaper\
Section 8-Pocket\
Section 9-Reading Pack\
Section 10-App.net\
Section 11-Cloud Stage\
Section 12-Buffer\
Section 13-Bitly\
Lesson 1-Creating A New Persona and Google Account\
Lesson 2-Phone Verifying Google Accounts With Call Fire\
Lesson 3-Phone Verifying Accounts Using SIM Cards\
Lesson 4-Outlook Recovery Email\
Lesson 5-Profile Photos\
Lesson 6-Complete Google Plus Profile\
Lesson 7-YouTube Channel and Google+ Page\
Lesson 8-Create Page Login\
Creating A New Persona and Google Account.mp4
Creating A New Persona and Google Account.txt
Phone Verifying Google Accounts With Call Fire.mp4
Phone Verifying Google Accounts With Call Fire.txt
Phone Verifying Accounts Using SIM Cards.txt
Outlook Recovery Email.mp4
Outlook Recovery Email.txt
Profile Photos.mp4
Profile Photos.txt
Complete Google Plus Profile.mp4
Complete Google Plus Profile.txt
YouTube Channel and Google+ Page.mp4
YouTube Channel and Google+ Page.txt
Create Page Login.mp4
Create Page Login.txt
Lesson 9-Add Moz Toolbar to Firefox\
Lesson 10-Blogger\
Lesson 11-Add Blog and RSS URL to Spreadsheet\
Lesson 12-Add Seed Content to Blogger\
Lesson 13-Update 3rd Party App Permission\
Lesson 14-Add Blogger to G+ and YouTube\
Add Moz Toolbar to Firefox.mp4
Add Moz Toolbar to Firefox.txt
Add Blog and RSS URL to Spreadsheet.mp4
Add Blog and RSS URL to Spreadsheet.txt
Add Seed Content to Blogger.mp4
Add Seed Content to Blogger.txt
Update 3rd Party App Permission.mp4
Update 3rd Party App Permission.txt
Add Blogger to G+ and YouTube.mp4
Add Blogger to G+ and YouTube.txt
Lesson 15-Create WdPress.com Site\
Lesson 16-Add Content To WdPress\
Lesson 17-Gravatar\
Create WdPress.com Site.mp4
Create WdPress.com Site.txt
Add Content to WdPress.mp4
Add Content to WdPress.txt
Lesson 18-Create Tumblr Account\
Lesson 19-Add Content to Tumblr\
Lesson 20-Add Profile Links to Tumblr\
Lesson 21-Tumblr Suspended\
Create Tumblr Account.mp4
Create Tumblr Account.txt
Add Content to Tumblr.mp4
Add Content to Tumblr.txt
Add Profile Links to Tumblr.mp4
Add Profile Links to Tumblr.txt
Tumblr Suspended.mp4
Tumblr Suspended.txt
Lesson 22-Create Twitter Account\
Create Twitter Account.mp4
Create Twitter Account.txt
Lesson 25-Create Instapaper Account\
Create Instapaper Account.mp4
Create Instapaper Account.txt
Lesson 26-Create Pocket\
Create Pocket.mp4
Create Pocket.txt
Lesson 27-ReadingPack Is Optional (Watch this First)\
Lesson 28-Create ReadingPack Account\
ReadingPack is Optional (Watch this first).mp4
ReadingPack is Optional (Watch this first).txt
Create ReadingPack Account.mp4
Create ReadingPack Account.txt
Lesson 29-Creat App.net Account\
Lesson 30-Add App.net to Instapaper\
Create App.net Account.mp4
Create App.net Account.txt
Add App.net to Instapaper.mp4
Add App.net to Instapaper.txt
Lesson 31-Google Drive\
Lesson 32-OneNote\
Google Drive.mp4
Google Drive.txt
Lesson 33-Create Buffer Account\
Create Buffer Account.mp4
Create Buffer Account.txt
Lesson 34-Create Bitly Account\
Create Bitly Account.mp4
Create Bitly Account.txt
1-Add Profile Links to G+ Profile NOTES.txt
1-Add Profile Links to G+ Profile.mp4
2-Add Profile Links to G+ Page NOTES.txt
2-Add Profile Links to G+ Page.mp4
3-Add Profile Links to Blogger NOTES.txt
3-Add Profile Links to Blogger.mp4
4-Add Profile Links to YouTube NOTES.txt
4-Add Profile Links to YouTube.mp4
5-Add Profile Links to Gravatar & Wdpress NOTES.txt
5-Add Profile Links to Gravatar & Wdpress.mp4
Section 1 IFTTT Account & Channel Activation\
Section 2 IFTTT Recipes\
Section 3 Testing & Troubleshooting\
Section 4 RSS Recipes (f blog syndication)\
1-Create IFTTT Account.mp4
2-Activate IFTTT Channels.mp4
3-Activate YouTube Channel.mp4
4-Recipes Overview NOTES.txt
4-Recipes Overview.mp4
5-Recipes Part 1 NOTES.txt
5-Recipes Part 1.mp4
6-Recipes Part 2 NOTES.txt
6-Recipes Part 2.mp4
7-Recipes Part 3 NOTES.txt
7-Recipes Part 3.mp4
8-Recipes Part 4 NOTES.txt
8-Recipes Part 4.mp4
9-Recipes Part 5 NOTES.mp4
9-Recipes Part 5 NOTES.txt
10-Recipes Part 6 NOTES.txt
10-Recipes Part 6.mp4
11-Testing The Netwk NOTES.txt
11-Testing The Netwk.mp4
12-Create Alternate Recipes NOTES.txt
12-Create Alternate Recipes.mp4
13-How to Use an RSS Feed f Blog Syndication NOTES.txt
13-How to Use an RSS Feed f Blog Syndication.mp4
14-Using the SM RSS Plugin NOTES.txt
14-Using the SM RSS Plugin.mp4
15-Creating RSS Recipes NOTES.txt
15-Creating RSS Recipes.mp4
Section 1 Overview\
Section 2 Alternion\
Section 3 Dipity\
Section 4 Friendfeed\
Section 5 Flavs.me\
Section 6 Kuratur\
Section 7 Paper.li\
Section 8 RebelMouse\
1-Introduction to Livestream Sites NOTES.txt
1-Introduction to Livestream Sites.mp4
2-Alternion Part 1 NOTES.txt
2-Alternion Part 1.mp4
3-Alternion Part 2 NOTES.txt
3-Alternion Part 2.mp4
4-Dipity NOTES.txt
5-Friendfeed NOTES.txt
6-Flavs.me NOTES.mp4
6-Flavs.me NOTES.txt
7-Kuratur NOTES.txt
8-Paper.li NOTES.mp4
8-Paper.li NOTES.txt
9-RebelMouse NOTES.txt
Section 1 Overview\
Section 2 Setup\
Section 3 Create New Feeds\
Section 4 Related Authity Feeds\
Section 5 Splicing\
Section 6 Aggregats\
Section 7 Tools and Outsourcing\
Lesson 1 Introduction To Advanced Rss Academy.mp4
Lesson 1 Introduction to Advanced RSS Academy.txt
Lesson 2 Why Should We Use RSS Feeds.mp4
Lesson 2 Why Should We Use RSS Feeds.txt
Lesson 3 Collect RSS Feed URLs.mp4
Lesson 3 Collect RSS Feed URLs.txt
Lesson 4 Google Plus Feed.mp4
Lesson 4 Google Plus Feed.txt
Lesson 5 Twitter Feed.mp4
Lesson 5 Twitter Feed.txt
Lesson 6 Facebook Feed.mp4
Lesson 6 Facebook Feed.txt
Lesson 7 Feedburner.mp4
Lesson 7 Feedburner.txt
Lesson 8 Update-Google Properties & Feedburner.mp4
Lesson 8 Update-Google Properties and Feedburner.txt
Lesson 9 Yahoo Pipes.mp4
Lesson 9 Yahoo Pipes.txt
Lesson 10 Find Related High Authity Feeds.mp4
Lesson 10 Find Related High Authity Feeds.txt
Lesson 11 Grouping RSS Feeds.mp4
Lesson 11 Grouping RSS Feeds.txt
Lesson 12 Splicing With Pipes & Feedblitz.mp4
Lesson 12 Splicing With Pipes and Feedblitz.txt
Lesson 13 Splicing With ChimpFeedr & Feedkiller.mp4
Lesson 13 Splicing With ChimpFeedr and FeedKiller.txt
Lesson 14 Feedage and FeedBite.mp4
Lesson 14 Feedage and FeedBite.txt
Lesson 15 RSS2 & Explanation of How It All Wks.mp4
Lesson 15 RSS2 & Explanation of How It All Wks.txt
Lesson 16 Automated Directy Submitters - Free.mp4
Lesson 16 Automated Directy Submitters - Free.txt
Lesson 17 Automated Directy Submitters - Paid.mp4
Lesson 17 Automated Directy Submitters - Paid.txt
Lesson 18 Fiverr & Outsourcing.mp4
Lesson 18 Fiverr & Outsourcing.txt
Advanced Strategy Webinars\
Recipe & Site Updates\
Advanced Strategy Webinar 3--NOTES.txt
Advanced Strategy Webinars 1 and 2-links and notes.txt
Add WP to Gravatar (as Website, not Verified Service).mp4
YT Custom URL Eligibility.mp4

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